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What do you do in ‘Lodge’?

A Lodge meeting is run like any other normal business or social meeting.

Minutes and correspondence are read; financial statements, general business, and membership proposals are considered and voted upon; ‘Caring Officers’ report on current charity work, and on members who are ill; candidates are advanced, on merit, through the various appropriate levels; the meeting is concluded, and the Lodge is closed.

Supper is then served.


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I have heard that some of the ceremonies are embarrassing for membership candidates, is that true?

No, the ceremonies are not embarrassing to candidates in any way.

In fact, they have given to all members who have participated in them over the years, lasting and positive memories of a special and moving event.


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I’ve heard about ‘RIDING THE GOAT’ and other silly things like that. Is this true?

These sorts of things are myths.

You may rest assured that there is nothing in any of our ceremonies that could offend your moral, cultural, religious or family values, as these values are of prime importance to all Masons.


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What happens if I become a Mason and find that it does not suit me?

This is unlikely, since much will be explained to you before you join.

You will be able to ask additional questions which will be answered frankly.

Since we work for good in the community, and encourage your personal, cultural and religious freedoms, the possibility of you not liking the Masons is extremely slim.

If, however, you later decide it is not what you want, you can simply resign.


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For further enquiries about the Glen Innes Masonic Lodge, please Contact Us.



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