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On Saturday 4th June 2016  I represented the Glen Innes Lodge at the 33rd Annual Scouting Report. This event has been held in Glen Innes previously on only a couple of occasions, so this was a special event. The Glen Innes Lodge has been a regular contributor to the Troop and will continue to give the very worthwhile cause. What a great bunch of young people and what a great bunch of parents and citizens giving their support. Keep up the good work guys!

by: Jim Donald SW

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Masons Supports Glen Innes Scouts

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DONATION: Current Master of the Glen Innes Masonic Lodge Simon Kerry presented a cheque for $600 to Troop Leader of the Glen Innes Scouts Ian Higgins.

DONATION: Current Master of the Glen Innes Masonic Lodge Simon Kerry presented a cheque for $600 to Troop Leader of the Glen Innes Scouts Ian Higgins.


THE Glen Innes Masonic Lodge recently held a fire wood raffle and raised funds for the local Scouts.

Current Master of the Glen Innes Masonic Lodge Simon Kerry presented a cheque for $600.00 to Troop Leader of the Glen Innes Scouts Ian Higgins.

“The Scouts are an important part of youth development and the Scouts provide positive activities for young people within our community,” Mr. Kerry said.

“The Masons also gratefully thank our Glen Innes community for their support as it continues to assist us in providing support for the community within the community.”

“Glen Innes Scouts are the oldest country Scout group in NSW and this is a great donation to our group and we appreciate the generosity of our local community and the Masonic Lodge,” Mr. Higgins said.

“Young people aged between 11 to 15 years are able to join the Scouts and we provide thousands of boys and girls an almost unlimited range of activities throughout Australia and the world.”

Craig Thomson

Harons in the house

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MASONS: Ross, Simon and Brian Haron
MASONS: Ross, Simon and Brian Haron

THE Glen Innes and District Masons recently held a ceremony celebrating the involvement of three generations from the one family in the local chapter.

Simon Haron was raised to the third degree in Masonry to become a Master Mason and his father Ross Haron and grandfather Brian Haron were proud to be part of the ceremony along with a large number of Glen Innes and District Masons.

Dr Ross Haron said It is very rare to have three generations of the one family in any organisation at the same time, and almost certainly the first time  for the Glen Innes Lodge.

“The apron with which Simon was invested has a long history in his family, having original been worn by his maternal great grandfather, Roy Robinson in Victoria, then by his maternal grandfather, Peter Muller in Sydney, then by myself and his grandfather, Brian Haron in Glen Innes,” he said.

“A great afternoon was had by all attending this very special and unique ceremony.”

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Craig Thomson
Craig Thomson
Twitter: @craiglthomson

Rare scholarship awarded to Glen Innes student

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RARE scholarship: School Principal Shelly Way, with scholarship winner Jacinta Donaldson-James and the Glen Innes Masonic lodge’s Colin Lute


The Glen Innes Masonic Lodge awarded one of only two state scholarships to a Glen Innes High school student last week.

The grand lodge scholarship scheme awards a cash donation to only two students in NSW each year and Jacinta Donaldson-James was one of those lucky recipients after her submission impressed the masonic judges.

Local Masonic lodge representative Colin Lute said Miss Donaldson-James was a very worthy recipient of the scholarship.

“Her submission really impressed the judges and we only give one to a boy and one to girl so it is a big deal for Jacinta to get this scholarship,” he said.

“The money will help her to improve her future studies and it is given to people who have a need for financial assistance and can display excellent academic potential.

“I hope the money will help her with her studies, she is really keen on making progress in the world and we will follow her results closely.”

Miss Donaldson-James said she will use the money to go towards school supplies and hopes the extra assistance will help her get into university.

“Hopefully I will get better scores for the rest of high school because I’ll have better products to use such as extra text books and the like,” she said.

“Scholarships like this are very important because some students do not have the money available to them to get the things they need to advance their studies, and I am one of those students.

“I want to go to university and become a marine biologist, so I am very grateful to the Masons for this scholarship.”

School Principal Shelly Way said the school is very proud that Jacinta is the only female in the state to receive the scholarship.

“Awards like this are very important because we have many students who are in need of that little bit of extra help that something like this gives,” she said.

“This scholarship will encourage Jacinta to maintain her education and get better outcomes from her Higher School Certificate and this is such a wonderful gift to help one of our students and her family achieve those goals.”

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Craig Thomson

Craig Thomson

twitter: @craiglthomson


Winter Appeal Success!

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Christl Haron and Simon Kerry from the Glen Innes Masonic Lodge donate warm items to Yvonne Proctor for the Salvation Army’s ‘winter warm appeal’.

Winter appeal

Glen Innes Article by Craig Thomson
2 June 2016

THE Glen Innes Masonic Lodge decided to put their motto into practice this winter and have made a large donation of warm items to the Salvation Army’s ‘winter warm appeal’.

The appeal is run by local branches of the Salvation Army in autumn so that warm clothes and blankets can be provided for the needy during winter.

Chairperson of the Glen Innes Masonic ladies support group Christl Haron said the group was inspired to support the Salvation Army after reading an article in the Examiner.

“I saw the article in the Examiner and took that to a meeting at the lodge and our member’s responded positively to it,” she said.

“We asked our membership to donate warm items and over a three week period we received at least 15 large blankets and a multitude of other warm clothing for all ages and sizes.

“Our motto at the lodge is to work for the community within the community so we hope that these items will help those in the town that need it as we are amongst the coldest of the collection areas for the Salvation Army.”

Glen Innes Masonic lodge spokesman Simon Kerry said the Freemasons were more than happy to help the Salvation Army with their winter warm appeal.

“We learnt the Salvation Army had the appeal and we asked our members to donate what they could and the result was a very large but obviously much needed donation of blankets and warm dressing gowns,” he said.

“Our members had these items at home and did not need them for themselves and we know that other people do need them so because we know the Salvation Army is such a great community organisation we were happy to cooperate with them.”

Glen Innes Salvation Army team leader Yvonne Proctor said the Salvos were grateful for the Freemason’s donation.

“The donation of clothes from the Mason’s will benefit people in Glen Innes over the winter because we didn’t have any blankets left in our supplies before this donation,” she said.

“The warm dressing gowns will come in handy because we have had requests for them.

“The blankets will be donated to those in need and the dressing gowns will be sold through our shop so we are very grateful for the generosity shown to us by the Freemasons.”

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Glen Innes Masonic lodge lifts the veil of mystery

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THE Glen Innes Masonic Lodge opened up its doors to the public recently, lifting the veil on myths and mysteries that have been perpetuated for years. CRAIG THOMSON Reports….


Glen Innes Masonic Lodge Director of Ceremonies Ross Haron

Glen Innes Masonic Lodge Director of Ceremonies Ross Haron

Walking into the grand old building that is the Glen Innes Masonic Lodge one is struck with not only how well it has been constructed but by how majestic the structure is.

I am given a guided tour of the lodge by Masonic Lodge Director of Ceremonies Ross Haron and he proves to be a very knowledgeable host.

“Up until a few years ago members of the public did not get access to the lodge or get to see how things worked,” he said.

“However, there is now a conscious effort being made to promote Masonry and demystify it and to make it available to the public and to tell people what we do, because we are proud of what we do and how we contribute to the local community.

“In the past some of the secrecy behind Masonry has been counterproductive and there were various reasons for that secrecy, but over the last 10 to 15 years we have tried to be more open and proactive in terms of promoting the good work that Mason’s do.”

The Freemasons contribute to the Glen Innes community by doing charity work and helping individuals and organisations where they can.

“We try to focus on charitable work that stays in the town, we have given money to the Rural Fire Service, we have raised money for the leukaemia foundation, we’ve raised money for the local scouts and we are also able to facilitate grants through Masonic charities,” Mr Haron said.

“We particularly like to support local young people and the disadvantaged, it is a very large fraternal charitable organisation and its origins go back to ancient times.”

Mr Haron said the origins of Masonry go back to biblical times to the building of King Solomon’s temple.

“Back in those times Stonemason’s were skilled craftsmen who built the great buildings of Europe, and a lot of our present teachings and some of the secrets that everyone asks about such as handshakes and secret words to identify Masons, go back to those times when operative Mason’s had to prove to others their bona fides,” he said.

“Those handshakes and certain other secrets was how they proved they were who they said they were and that they had the skills they said they had.

“Trade secrets go back to those times and Masons, now there are still some things that we vow to keep secret, they are not ground-breaking, nor would they be important to anyone else, they are just symbolic, they  are just ways of proving that a Mason can be trustworthy and keeping those secrets are ways of proving that.”

Mr Haron said that evenings like their open night are all about letting the public see that nothing scary goes on within the building and that they are not a religious organisation.

“We are not a religious organisation, we have no theology, although Mason’s must believe in God,” he said.

“But, that God can be any God, we have Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others religions well represented in Masonic lodges; we do not discuss religion at our meetings.

“Mason’s don’t rank one religion above any other.”

Mr Haron is also keen to dispel any myths that popular novelists like Dan Brown try to preserve such as drinking wine from a skull to become a ranking Freemason.

“Traditionally Masons don’t recruit members, we simply accept those who approach us of their own free will,” he said.

“Masonry has a lot going for it; it allows people to grow to develop skills in public speaking and gives them an avenue to contribute to the community via charitable works.

“The stuff that people read in Dan Brown novels is fiction, but we know that people are naturally curious about what we do, and by opening up our doors, letting people know that our secret handshakes and words and such are not sinister, we can break down barriers and by gaining new members we can continue the good work that we do long into the future.”

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Winter Warm Up Appeal

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Winter Appeal Logo


Glen Innes Masonic Lodge are collecting winter warmers to support the Salvo’s Winter Appeal 2016.


The Winter Warm Up Appeal especially needs warm blankets and bedding as well as warm coats and clothing in good condition.


Please drop off your donation by WEDNESDAY 18TH MAY to:

Dr. Ross Haron’s Surgery

29 East Avenue

Glen Innes NSW 2370.


The Masonic Men will deliver your donations to the Salvo’s as a “Winter Bundle”.


Thank You for your support.


Further information about the appeal: (Click on the link below)

"Give Warmth this Winter"
“Give Warmth this Winter”