Winter Appeal Success!

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Christl Haron and Simon Kerry from the Glen Innes Masonic Lodge donate warm items to Yvonne Proctor for the Salvation Army’s ‘winter warm appeal’.

Winter appeal

Glen Innes Article by Craig Thomson
2 June 2016

THE Glen Innes Masonic Lodge decided to put their motto into practice this winter and have made a large donation of warm items to the Salvation Army’s ‘winter warm appeal’.

The appeal is run by local branches of the Salvation Army in autumn so that warm clothes and blankets can be provided for the needy during winter.

Chairperson of the Glen Innes Masonic ladies support group Christl Haron said the group was inspired to support the Salvation Army after reading an article in the Examiner.

“I saw the article in the Examiner and took that to a meeting at the lodge and our member’s responded positively to it,” she said.

“We asked our membership to donate warm items and over a three week period we received at least 15 large blankets and a multitude of other warm clothing for all ages and sizes.

“Our motto at the lodge is to work for the community within the community so we hope that these items will help those in the town that need it as we are amongst the coldest of the collection areas for the Salvation Army.”

Glen Innes Masonic lodge spokesman Simon Kerry said the Freemasons were more than happy to help the Salvation Army with their winter warm appeal.

“We learnt the Salvation Army had the appeal and we asked our members to donate what they could and the result was a very large but obviously much needed donation of blankets and warm dressing gowns,” he said.

“Our members had these items at home and did not need them for themselves and we know that other people do need them so because we know the Salvation Army is such a great community organisation we were happy to cooperate with them.”

Glen Innes Salvation Army team leader Yvonne Proctor said the Salvos were grateful for the Freemason’s donation.

“The donation of clothes from the Mason’s will benefit people in Glen Innes over the winter because we didn’t have any blankets left in our supplies before this donation,” she said.

“The warm dressing gowns will come in handy because we have had requests for them.

“The blankets will be donated to those in need and the dressing gowns will be sold through our shop so we are very grateful for the generosity shown to us by the Freemasons.”

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